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  • 09.12.2010

    The quality of "ELASTIQUE PITCH" is amazing. It´s the best real time pitch shifting (incl. formant shifting!) solution in my ears - and really easy to use...love it !

    Olli, Sounds of Revolution

ELASTIQUE pitch plugin now available for download sale

Written by Thursday, 16 April 2009 15:18

Powerful new real-time pitch shifting powered by zplane's industry leading Elastique Pro

zplane is pleased to announce that the ELASTIQUE Plugin for real time pitch shifting is now available for sale at www.zplane.de.

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ELASTIQUE pitch plugin

Written by Friday, 27 March 2009 12:03

New RTAS plugin powered by zplane's Elastique Pro V2.1 pitch shifting engine.
zplane announces a new commercial product, the ELASTIQUE plugin for real time pitch shifting.
With a plugin interface designed to allow quick and easy interaction with all parameters, elastique is designed to be the optimal plugin for pitch shifting in film and audio conversion applications, for sound design and for adjusting pitch in recording and rehearsal sessions.
The key features of ELASTIQUE are:
  • multi channel: support for synchronous pitching of up to 8 audio channels
  • real time: no offline pre-analysis required
  • program independence: high pitch shifting quality for all types of audio (speech, monophonic, classical music, mixes, etc.)
  • phase coherence: absolute phase stability between all channels
  • MIDI pitch control
  • formant shifting: moving of formants independent from pitch
  • factory presets: typical film pull-up/pull-down settings
ELASTIQUE pitch plugin is available for RTAS (Mac OS X, Windows) at an MSRP of $499/€449.

More information online at products.zplane.de.

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