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élastiqueAAX V1 released !

New plugin available - élastiqueAAX V1 released!

we are happy to announce that we've released élastiqueAAX today. élastiqueAAX is zplane's newest time and pitch manipulation plugin for Pro Tools..

élastiqueAAX uses the élastiquePro V3 time-stretching and pitch shifting engine which is integrated into many DAWs and used by millions of users around the world. élastiquePro V3 technology ensures the highest, program independent time-stretching quality. 

The plugin interface has been designed to allow quick and intuitive interaction with all parameters for maximum control. élastiqueAAX is an offline Audio Suite plugin, therefore allowing to apply time-stretching and pitch-shifting much faster than real-time. 

élastiqueAAX offers multi-channel support for synchronous pitching/stretching of up to 8 audio channels. 

It also features handy presets for typical film pull-ups/pull-down tasks.

The plugin can be purchased online at the product website (http://products.zplane.de/elastiqueaax). élastiqueAAX is available for an introductory offer of $299 / €299.  A free demo can be downloaded here.


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