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reTune v1.2.0 released

Written by Tuesday, 16 May 2017 15:05

New update  available - reTune V1.2.0 released!

we have prepared a new update for reTune. Here´s the list of the changes:

  • (all) new:        micro tuning
  • (all) new:        MIDI input
  • (all) new:        transposition can be set as decimal number
  • (all) new:        consistently use shift + double-click to reset all sliders and the transpose box
  • (all) fixed:       disabling bypass plays previously processed audio content
  • (mac) fixed:     version and date labels in the about-box were messed up

This update is free and recommend to all users. It can be downloaded from the user accounts.



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reTune v1.0.2 released

Written by Friday, 29 July 2016 15:05

Maintenance update  available - reTune V1.0.2 released!

we have prepared a maintenance update for reTune. Here´s the changelog:

  • (all) new:ctrl + double-click on the parameter rotary sliders resets them to the default value
  • (all) new:improved responsiveness of the live pitch content display
  • (all) new:changed restrictions in demo/unactivated mode to be less obtrusive
  • (all) fixed:multiple instances could lead to crash in certain hosts
  • (all) fixed:audible glitches when adjusting the Smoothing parameter
  • (all) fixed:"Reset to factory default" in REAPER did not work correctly
  • (mac) fixed:high CPU load when displaying the plug-in GUI
  • (all) fixed:"Learn Key" only worked when the host is in playback mode
  • (all) fixed:sporadic crashes

This update  is recommend to all users. It can be downloaded from the user accounts.



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reTune V1 released !

Written by Thursday, 31 March 2016 15:05

New plugin available - reTune V1 released!

we are happy to announce that we've released reTune today. reTune is zplane's newest real-time multi-pitch modification plugin that can be used for pitch correction and scale modification. The plugin comes with three different views to give you that amount of controls that are necessary for the respective tasks.

It allows you to re-tune your audio to any target key (e.g. from D major to C# minor). reTune has an automatic input key detection in case your unsure about the key of your input audio. On the other hand reTune opens creative ways to modify the pitch content in any way you like.

  • Real-time processing
  • Automatic input key detection using zplane's TONART V2
  • Fully configurable input-to-output pitch mapping
  • Presets for major/minor scales, church modes, gypsy and chromatic scales
  • Controls for pitch detection sensitivity, transient levels and pitch contour smoothing
  • Automatic pitch correction to the nearest semitone

The plugin (VST, AAX, AU) can be purchased online at the product website ( reTune is available for $199 / €149.  A free demo can be downloaded here.



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