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reTune v1.0.2 released

Maintenance update  available - reTune V1.0.2 released!

we have prepared a maintenance update for reTune. Here´s the changelog:

  • (all) new:ctrl + double-click on the parameter rotary sliders resets them to the default value
  • (all) new:improved responsiveness of the live pitch content display
  • (all) new:changed restrictions in demo/unactivated mode to be less obtrusive
  • (all) fixed:multiple instances could lead to crash in certain hosts
  • (all) fixed:audible glitches when adjusting the Smoothing parameter
  • (all) fixed:"Reset to factory default" in REAPER did not work correctly
  • (mac) fixed:high CPU load when displaying the plug-in GUI
  • (all) fixed:"Learn Key" only worked when the host is in playback mode
  • (all) fixed:sporadic crashes

This update  is recommend to all users. It can be downloaded from the user accounts.