How can I upgrade PPMulator+ to PPMulatorXL?
  • Log yourself into your account at products.zplane.de
  • Go to "MYAccount"->"My Products"
  • Buy the upgrade by clicking on the green "Buy Upgrade" button in the PPMulator+ section
  • Register the received upgrade key by clicking on the green "Upgrade to PPMulatorXL" button in the PPMulator+ section
  • Find the new generated serial number and unlock key in the PPMulatorXL section
  • Run PPMulator
  • Open the context menu by right click on the PPMulator interface
  • Click on "Open Settings Dialog..." to open the settings dialog
  • Go to "Unlock"
  • Click on the "enter unlock information" button and enter the serial number and unlock key you've created steps before
  • Click on "OK" to finish upgrade process
How can I use PPMulator+ to monitor the output of my video editor?
A lot of Final Cut and Avid users are asking for this one... In standalone mode, PPMulator+ monitors the level of audio inputs, but can't intercept the audio streams coming from other applications. We're investigating ways that this might be possible on the Mac in future, but you could also have a look at either Audio Hijack Pro, or Soundflower, both of which allow VST plugins to be placed on audio output streams (and if you get it to work, let us know!)
What is the main difference between PPMulator+ and PPMulatorXL?
In addition to all features of PPMulator+, PPMulatorXL has support for loudness metering and faster-than-realt-ime batch metering (in the standalone version only).
What is the maximum file size that can be loaded in batch mode?
At the moment, the file size is limited to 2GB due to a limitation in the wav file parser we a're using.
Does PPMulator only support stereo?
No, PPMulator supports up to six channels; presets for the most common channel configurations can be found in the “Audio” tab of the preferences dialog.


What is EBU R.128 ?
The intention of this new recommendation is to adjust the level based on loudness and not on peaks. More info and several PDF documents can be found on their website : tech.ebu.ch/loudness/ or download the standard here: http://tech.ebu.ch/docs/r/r128.pdf
Is PPMulatorXL compliant to the EBU recommendation R.128?
Yes, it's fully compliant – including the absolute and relative gating according to the latest (August 2011) revision of the specification. Feel free to validate the standard compliance for yourself with the freely available EBU test files.


How can I test that metering results are correct on my system?
A good test-signal is a 1kHz stereo sine at the targeted reference level (-18 or -20 dBFS for peak metering, -23 dBFS for loudness ). You can generate such files with PPMulator from the “Calibration” tab in the preferences dialog. The measured result should be identical to the expected value that are also shown at the "Callibration" tab. For a -18 dbFS sine the result should be PPM4 for a BBC scale.
What are typical reasons for faulty loudness results?
  • Channel Configuration: You have to make sure the channel configuration in the “Audio” tab of the preferences is properly set. In order to verify that you chose the right configuration, you can switch to the multi-channel/surround peak meter to verify the plugin input. Also, verify that the reference level setting is set to the default value.
  • Routing: Please verify that you are indeed monitoring the output (post master).
  • Operation: In order to provide accurate and meaningful loudness results, the audio has to be measured at full length without interruptions and jumps.
  • Verification:To verify the results of the plugin version, please make a mixdown of your project and use the batch metering feature (PPMulator XL only) to measure the down-mixed file. If this gives you a different result than the plugin version, then you should double check your configuration as described above.