Black Friday ’22

Nov 14., 2022

| Black Friday

Black Friday ’22

Get. In. Here. Now. The Black Friday Sale Has Arrived!

This Black Friday, we offer a 33% discount on our Music Information Retrieval [MIR] selection of plugins.

MIR enables computers to hear abstract concepts familiar to our brains. To create music, these concepts are essential, such as identifying the key signature, chord changes, tempo, beat positions, analyzing loudness, etc. With our wide range of premium plugins that use MIR, you will be able to take your productions to new levels.

You can redeem this offer using the coupon code “BLACKFRIDAY” or by clicking on the plugin of your choice below. (If you click the button below, the code will automatically be set up.)

Don’t miss out! 🕰 – Sale ends on 11th December 2022.