Black Friday is here – save 30% in the sale of the year!

Nov 15., 2021


Black Friday is coming and the zplane shop prices have been slashed accordingly for the sale of the year. Everything we have is now available at 30% off! Go grab a bargain while they last!

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deCoda logo
Learn and analyze any song with deCoda. Import an audio file and deCoda will tell you the key, the tempo and chords as well as identifying verse, chorus and other sections of the track. €49 €34 BUY NOW
EPv2 logo
Real-time and ultra-transparent pitch shifting for all platforms. Elastique pitch V2 excels for both demanding conversion jobs and creative use. €149 €104 BUY NOW
elastiqueAAX logo
Make time and pitch work for you with élastiqueAAX – the best time and pitch manipulation tool for Pro Tools. €299 €209 BUY NOW
Check your loudness and levels with FENNEK – the evolved metering plugin from zplane development. €119 €83 BUY NOW
PEEL logo
PEEL isolates individual instruments or vocals in stereo recordings so you can solo, mute or route the audio for external processing. €39 €27 BUY NOW
ppmBatch logo
Never lose track of your audio assets with ppmBatch – an audio processor and compliance checker that can save you hours of work, and a headache or two. €299 €209 BUY NOW
PPMulator logo
PPMulator: a professional peak & loudness metering plugin from zplane that closely mimics the look and feel of a professional Peak Program Meter (PPM). €119 €83 BUY NOW
PPMulator logo
Real-time polyphonic pitch correction for any audio material. Gently shape up an out of tune instrument or completely change the key of an entire song €149 €104 BUY NOW
TONIC logo
find the key of your loops, remixes, and song ideas with tonic by zplane. €39 €27 BUY NOW
PPMulator logo
Harmonize your melodies with a single click with vielklang’s intelligent arranger tools. €119 €83 BUY NOW