Build better beats with TONIC by zplane

Dec 9., 2021

| Beatmaking | tonic | Video

In a sample-based production, it can be a struggle to make samples from different sources fit together. TONIC by zplane can be a great help in this scenario with its ability to extract the key, note and chords that work with your loops and samples.


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In this video, YouTuber JFilt of the Verysickbeats channel takes the TONIC VST plugin to the test in a song idea he’s working on. With TONIC in your beatmaking workflow, you will find the key of the sample you’re working with, as well as the notes and chords that hit inside that key. Knowing these simple things, it’s much easier to develop your track further and play or programs chords, baselines and so on.

The problem with sample-based production is further complicated when you want to use several music samples in one production. Coming from different sources, they’re probably in different keys. With TONIC, you can learn the key from each sample to help you understand how to transpose the samples and loops to make them fit together musically.

And speaking of different sources – many producers like to go crate-digging for vintage recordings to use in their productions. Old recordings are very often out of tune, and an out-of-tune source can make key detection hard. Not for TONIC though. TONIC can detect offset in root tuning and will display the offset amount. This will give you better key detection, but can also help you create an in-tune production by telling you how to adjust the pitch of your samples.


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