Great pitch-shifting tips with the Elastique Pitch v2 plugin

Jun 17., 2021


Pitch shifting has become an essential technique in modern electronic music production. Unless you’ve stayed hidden under a rock for the last few years, the sound of wildly pitch-shifted vocals and instruments should be rather familiar. When you think about pitch shifting, it’s usually vocals that come to mind, but the technique has so many other uses. For instance, pitching a piano performance down an octave can yield a lush, ethereal sound that’s quite different from just playing the same piece an octave lower.

Pitch shifting can be done without the help of plugins in most DAWs, but that solution usually doesn’t sound as good and lacks a few important controls that you get with a dedicated plugin.

zplane’s Elastique Pitch v2 is a pitch shifting plugin based on zplane’s Elastique technology that’s in use in many high-end DAWs. As a pitch-shifting plugin, the same algorithms deliver an unbelievably smooth sound. It’s a very transparent pitch shifting with very subtle audible artifacts compared to the harsher sounds produced by the DAWs built-in audio transpose.


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In the video above, YouTuber Reid Stefan shows some of his favorite pitch-shifting tricks and pitch shifter plugins and yes. Elastique Pitch v2 gets a fair share of love, calling the plugin his “secret sauce of pitch shifting”.

Another advantage that Elastique Pitch v2 has to offer is the buttery smooth automation. No semi-tone stepping or zipper noise pitch glides – just smooth sound all the way.

Elastique Pitch v2 can work in a linear fashion, where the timbre of the sound is controlled by the pitch, so the higher the pitch, the brighter the sound. This is great for when you want as natural a sound as possible. But perhaps natural is not at all what you want. Many contemporary production techniques go for the opposite: a sound that’s rather decoupled from its original sound. Here, it’s great to be able to tweak and automate the pitch shifting and timbre controls separately, which is of course possible in Elastique Pitch v2.

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