FENNEK 1.2.0 and PPMulator 3.6.4 — AAX M1-compatibility & Improvements

Feb 15., 2023

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FENNEK 1.2.0 and PPMulator 3.6.4 — AAX M1-Compatibility & Improvements

At the end of 2022, Avid released Pro Tools 2022.12 which includes the first beta of native Apple Silicon compatibility. In order to make use of AAX plug-ins in this new beta on an Apple Silicon Mac, AAX plug-ins must also be updated to be compatible with Apple Silicon. With today’s release of FENNEK 1.2.0 and last week’s release of PPMulator 3.6.4, all of zplane’s Loudness Metering plug-ins are now natively compatible with the Apple Silicon version of Pro Tools.

In addition this compatibility, the FENNEK 1.2.0 update brings a number of new features requested by users and bug fixes, including:

  • TP Meters work before a measurement session begins, allowing you to monitor levels and verify routing
  • Updated presets for R128 Short-Content
  • Windows users can now select ASIO drivers in the standalone app
  • 7.1.2 surround format has been fixed in the AU plug-in
  • FENNEK remembers screen position when using Logic Pro screen sets

The PPMulator 3.6.4 update also includes a fix where the standalone app wasn’t requesting microphone access on macOS.


FENNEK 1.2.0 and PPMulator 3.6.4 are free updates for all current owners which can be downloaded today by logging in to your zplane User Account: https://userarea.zplane.de/login/#

You can also purchase FENNEK , PPMulator+, and PPMulatorXL from the zplane webshop or by visiting leading online music software retailers.

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