White Sea Studio – PEEL (Review)

Jun 3., 2023

| Peel | Video

Music production has always been a fascinating realm of creativity, and White Sea Studio is at the forefront of delivering engaging content in this field. Founded by Wytse, a passionate music producer and audio engineer, White Sea Studio has garnered a reputation in the music production, mixing, and mastering space. In one of their recent videos, Wytse showcases our innovative plugin “PEEL” and provides a first impression spin on its capabilities.

With PEEL, Wytse embarks on a sonic adventure, demonstrating how this powerful tool can revolutionize the way musicians approach their craft. The video captures Wytse peeling out the guitar section from a mix, isolating it for external reverb processing, and seamlessly reintegrating the guitar back into the mix. RESULTS– The guitar section, now infused with the richness and depth of carefully applied reverb, breathes new life into the composition.

Download the PEEL demo now and unlock a new dimension of creativity for your compositions.


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