Now available – PEEL STEMS V1.0!

Jun 11., 2024

| New Product!

zplane releases PEEL STEMS – a real-time stem separation plugin for your DAW

We have listened and created a new plugin with PEEL and stem separation functionality

(Berlin, Germany, June 4th, 2024) zplane.development launches the PEEL STEMS plugin for intuitive real-time stem separation inside any VST3-, AU- or AAX-compatible DAW.

Being able to single out instruments or vocals in already mixed audio for additional processing is quickly becoming a key requirement in music production. Usually, this happens offline – making users wait for the processing to finish before they can hear any results.

PEEL STEMS is based on zplane’s own AI stem separation technology and is powered by a low-latency real-time algorithm: Remove the bass in a stereo loop, isolate vocals or drums for additional processing – or rebalance a mix in seconds by simply changing the stems’ volumes. All of this, while listening to the results.

PEEL STEMS provides DAW users with a completely new and intuitive tool for audio manipulation”, comments zplane’s co-founder and head researcher Tim Flohrer. “Being able to unmix tracks in real-time, opens up possibilities that were unthinkable just a few years ago. We can’t wait to see how people get creative with this!

The UI couldn’t be easier: Each Stem has controls for On/Off, Volume (including boost) and an Isolation fader for finetuning separation precision. A large Soundfield Display visualizes the audio, also in real-time. Each stem’s signal is represented by colored glowing circles, making it instantly obvious where in the stereo-field and frequency range it is placed. An invaluable mixing tool!

PEEL STEMS also includes the renowned PEEL Focus Frame EQ: Separate eg. the drums from a complete mix, and then use the spectral Focus EQ to isolate snare or kick drum for further processing. Simply draw a filter rectangle onto the Soundfield Display, tweak stereo and frequency position and now only the selected area is audible. Using Invert, you can even split the focussed sound and the remaining drums onto two separate stereo tracks.

PEEL STEMS is compatible with any current VST3, AU or AAX compatible DAW application running on Windows or Apple OSX and is available now.

System requirements

  • OS: macOS 12,13,14 or higher,  Windows 10 & 11
  • Plugin formats: VST3, AU & AAX
  • Apple Silicon M1 (or higher) or current Intel CPU

Availability & Pricing

PEEL STEMS is available for purchase now from and major music software vendors.

PEEL STEMS full version: 59 EUR (special introductory offer until 31.07.24: 25% off)
Crossgrade from PEEL: 20 EUR(special introductory offer until 31.07.24: 50% off)


Founded in 2000, zplane has developed award-winning technologies in the field of pitch correction and time stretching. These technologies are used in market-leading music production platforms and can be heard on countless songs of any genre. Aside from licensing to third-party developers, zplane also has a range of successful plugin products and standalone applications, used by musicians all over the world.

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