PEEL 1.1.0 – now M1-compatible

Mar 16., 2022

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zplane releases M1-compatible version of PEEL

Berlin, Germany March 16, 2022: zplane.development ( just released an update to PEEL which adds native Apple Silicon compatibility for M1-equipped computers as well as a new feature to improve compatibility with various DAWs.

With this update, PEEL adds to the ranks of zplane products that are compatible with Apple’s newest computers sporting the cutting-edge M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max processors, a list which already includes deCoda, Elastique Pitch V2reTune, TONIC, and FENNEK.

This PEEL update also includes a new setting which can mute the inverted output—this feature is helpful in DAWs which merge both of a plug-in’s outputs together without offering access to the individual outputs. This option can be enabled as a quick way to isolate audio when using PEEL in FL Studio compared to changing the plug-in routings in FL Studio itself.

Product information

For more information & demo downloads, visit the PEEL product page on the zplane website.


PEEL 1.1.0 is a free update for all current owners which can be downloaded today by logging in to your zplane User Account:

You can also purchase PEEL from the zplane Webshop for 39€ or by visiting leading online music software retailers.

About zplane

Founded in 2000, zplane has developed award-winning technologies in the field of pitch-correction and time stretching. These technologies are used in market-leading music production platforms world-wide and can be heard on countless songs of any genre. Aside from licensing to third-party developers, zplane develops a string of successful plugin products and standalone applications used by musicians all over the world.

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