New video: how to pick the Fab Four apart with PEEL

Mar 12., 2021

| New video | Peel

Watch YouTuber Dr Mix apply his brand of sample manipulation as he’s using PEEL to do a live remix of The Beatles’ Come Together. With PEEL you can isolate vocals and instruments not only in the frequency range but also in the spatial range, which Dr Mix puts to good use in his video.


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Create your own acapellas, isolate vocals or mute instruments in a mix with PEEL – zplanes Spectral Spatial isolator eq plugin. PEEL is a powerful creative tool for sample based production. The isolated signals can be muted or solo:ed. You can isolate vocals from any audio file and create your own acapella samples. You can even route the isolated signal to a separate output and process it on its own audio track in your DAW* – like putting reverb on only the snare in a dry drum loop, or adding more compression to the bassline in a complete mix.

Try PEEL today and see for yourself what it can do for your music!