Feb 6., 2023



What are you waiting for? “PEEL” the deal and take a big gulp of the “TONIC” discount!

This is an exclusive deal that won’t be around for long. We would like to offer a 30% discount on our most popular plugins PEEL and TONIC.

  • PEEL is a visual tool that allows you to isolate individual instruments or vocals in stereo recordings so that you can solo, mute, or route the audio for further processing. PEEL allows you to explore audio in unprecedented detail and granularity.
  • TONIC is an AI-powered music theory plugin that will assist you in finding scales and chords that work brilliantly in your music. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, TONIC will provide the tools you need to make beautiful music.
Take advantage of this remarkable deal today and open up a world of new possibilities in your music! 

You can redeem this offer using the coupon code “DOUBLEDEAL” or by clicking on the plugin of your choice below. (If you click the button below, the code will automatically be set up.)

Don’t be late 🕰 – the sale ends at midnight on 28th February 2023.