Spice up your vocals with amazing one-click harmonies

Mar 31., 2021

| Video | vielklang

Nothing adds depth to a great vocal performance as a set of great backing vocals. But writing good backing lines can be tricky. And if you don’t have a singer on hand they can be even more tricky to get done.


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Enter Vielklang Instant Harmony. Load up Vielklang in your DAW, add your vocal take and click the Harmonize button to add instant, music-aware backing vocals to your lead track. Play around with the creative controls until you get the results you’re after. It’s so easy, and it sounds unbelievable too! 

Vielklang adds up to four-part harmony in a number of different styles. You can try out styles and harmony options in real-time, which makes it easy to dial in a style that fits the song. You also have complete control over individual settings for sound and style for each backing voice.

Working with a talented backing singer is great, Bot for the times when you don’t have one around – try Vielklang!

Free demo download: https://products.zplane.de/vielklang