TONIC 1.1.0 with MIDI Control

May 30., 2022

| tonic

zplane releases TONIC with MIDI Control

Berlin, Germany May 30, 2022: zplane.development ( just released an update to the TONIC key detection plug-in which adds control of its virtual keyboard with MIDI. This allows users to explore compatible scales and chords from the comfort of their favorite MIDI controllers. Additionally, the TONIC window can now be resized via a zoom slider in the preferences, chord names are shown during preview, and tooltips provide guidance within the plug-in just by hovering the mouse over various controls. For Pro Tools users, the keyboard preview will now continue to work even when Pro Tools is stopped.

Product information

For more information, visit the TONIC product page on the zplane website.


TONIC 1.1.0 is a free update for all current owners which can be downloaded today by logging in to your zplane User Account:

You can also purchase TONIC from the zplane Webshop for 39€ or by visiting leading online music software retailers.

About zplane

Founded in 2000, zplane has developed award-winning technologies in the field of pitch-correction and time stretching. These technologies are used in market-leading music production platforms world-wide and can be heard on countless songs of any genre. Aside from licensing to third-party developers, zplane develops a string of successful plugin products and standalone applications used by musicians all over the world.

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