Video: reTune – the superb pitch-shifting harmonic wizard

Apr 12., 2021

| reTune | review

reTune is zplane’s real-time polyphonic pitch-shifting plugin. You can use it to tighten up the tuning in an out-of-tune performance or change the key of a complete song. In this video review, Production Expert’s Eli Krantzberg tries all kinds of pitch shifting magic.


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reTune can analyze the key of your song and then change it. From subtle variations to “let’s try this whole song in Major” alterations. You can even map note-for-note how you want to transpose your music. The advanced options include pitch sensitivity, transient conservation, pitch smoothing and a dry/wet control that can be used to create some interesting chorus effects.

reTune can be used in any number of ways, for instance:

  • Shaping up the pitch of a single performance to make it work better with the rest of the song
  • Changing the key of a complete backing track so it’s better suited for a vocalist’s range
  • Changing the key of a sample or loop to make it work with your song
  • crazy experiments: your favorite song but every note is G#

So, whether you are looking for a precise tool to glue a performance together or a creative-havoc effect to propel your project in a new direction, give reTune a try.

Learn more about reTune and try the free demo: