Zed Marty: Isolate Instruments of a Mixed Song

Jan 5., 2024

| Peel | Video

Zed Marty – Isolate Instruments of a Mixed Song

Take a dive into the world of music production with Zed Marty, as he provides a comprehensive walkthrough of PEEL. PEEL is like a sonic superhero, allowing you to dive into a mixed recording and isolate and EQ individual instruments and vocals with surgical precision. With PEEL, you can mute troublesome instruments, adjust levels, and even pan the audio in a way that would be impossible with a traditional audio editing program. It’s like having the ability to perform audio surgery on your tracks, giving you ultimate control over the final mix.

Unleash your sonic creativity with PEEL!

Try out the demo and experience the power to isolate and manipulate individual instruments in mixed audio like never before.Download the PEEL demo now and unlock a new dimension of creativity for your compositions. GET THE DEMO HERE!


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