First Impressions – zplane PEEL – Spectral Processing and Isolation

May 26., 2023

| Peel | Video

When it comes to music production, finding the right tools can make all the difference. That’s why we’re thrilled to share Tom Cosm’s first impressions of PEEL. Tom Cosm, a renowned performer, YouTuber, and certified Ableton Live trainer, recently explored the capabilities of PEEL and shared his insights in an intriguing video.

In this captivating video, Tom mesmerizes us by spectrally visualizing the sound he creates with PEEL. Through this innovative feature, he showcases how PEEL helps you gain a deeper understanding of your music’s spectral composition. As the video unfolds, Tom demonstrates various use cases for PEEL. From creating mesmerizing soundscapes to shaping complex melodies, PEEL proves to be a versatile tool that unlocks endless possibilities.

Check out the demo and see what PEEL can do for your music!


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