harmonize your music
Harmonize your melodies with a single click with vielklang’s intelligent arranger tools.

Create beautiful background choirs
or brass ensembles with Vielklang

Packed with music theory and intelligent arranger tools, vielklang does the heavy lifting for you and can turn a single vocal recording into a lush four-part harmony with a single click.

The key-aware arranger will go beyond mere parallel voices and create backing vocals that will fit perfectly in your music.

Select the number of voices and try out different harmony settings until you’re satisfied. Play around with the intuitive voice settings to get the sound you’re after.

vielklang is based on zplane`s advanced pitch and time correction technology found in many leading DAWs and in use by leading music makers and producers all over the world.
vielklang also works great on instrumental recordings, like creating a brass arrangement from a single trumpet recording.
Or import MIDI notes instead of audio and use vielklang`s intelligent arranger to create MIDI note harmonies instead.

The full version also packs advanced pitch editing controls to give you detailed control over pitch, timing, vibrato, formant shift and much more.

Key Features

  • Intelligent harmonizer that creates key-aware vocal harmonies, brass arrangement and more
  • Select number of voices (2-4)
  • Scale type selection (major, minor, dorian, phrygian etc)
  • Voice mixer – control level & pan for your harmonies
  • Harmony settings: control ambitus (spread) and voicing style.
  • Group notes together in snapshots that can be triggered via MIDI
  • Import and harmonize audio or MIDI
  • Export audio or MIDI

Technical Specifications

  • Audio format: single voiced, 1-2 channels, 44.1-192kHz sample rate
  • File format: wav, aif, aiff, mid
  • Plugin format: AAX, AU (32/64bit), VST2/VST3 (32/64bit)
  • Min. system CPU: 2GHz
  • OS: Mac OS min. 10.8, Windows min. 7
  • Host: Pro Tools > V9

Feature Comparison

Feature Comparison


vielklang 2 Demo 2.4.4


vielklang 2 Demo 2.4.4

vielklang IN THE NEWS


Sound On Sound

“The quality of the harmonies generated will sit very comfortably within a mix, without their ‘fake’ nature becoming too obvious.”

Review at https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/zplane-vielklang-2

Music Radar

““vielklang 2 is an insanely clever bit of kit.”

Review at https://www.musicradar.com/reviews/tech/zplane-vielklang-instant-harmony-2-570013