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When I try to drag the boundaries of the selection in the overview, it doesn't move or jumps in big steps. What's wrong?
  • deCoda does all adjustments in steps. To have more granular control in the overview, adjust the step size in the step size dial right of the Loopview."
How can I leave the settings?
  • Click the burger menu and switch to any other page you want to go to.
Can I adjust parts?
  • Yes, open the project side bar on the left and select the Parts tab. Now, set your loop in Loopview to the boundaries of the part you want to create" and hit the 'Create new part' button.
The spectral view in pianoroll seems to change when zooming. Why?
  • When zooming closer than 8 bars deCoda will do higher resolution spectrogram calculations and also try to guess the real notes - displayed in blue color. Furthermore the Focus selection will affect the spectrogram display then.