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In which hosts can I use elastiqueAAX?
All hosts that support the AVID AAX plugin format are supported.
However, in order to use elastiqueAAX as tce default (or to use élastiqueAAXtce at all) you need PT 12.8.1 or later.
Does a demo of elastiqueAAXtce exist?
No. We don´t have a dedicated demo of elatiqueAAXtce. The available demo contains the full feature set of elastiqueAAX.
What are the demo limitations?
The demo runs for 14 days and will randomly introduce slient gaps in the output.
How do I enable the TC/E feature?
First of all you need Pro Tool 12.8.1 or larger. In the settings you need to set the default TC/E engine to elastiqueAAX. For more details refer to the manual.
There are silent gaps in my output files. What's wrong?
Either you're the demo version (see above) or you're using the full version but didn't enter the unlock code.
When in cliplist mode the output files are all mono although the input was stereo or mutlichannel. How come?
This is a bug in ProTools. Therefor cliplist mode is not recommended to use.
Which upgrade/crossgrade paths exist from Elastique Pitch V2?

Existing users of Elastique Pitch V2 who consider buying élastiqueAAX, PLEASE CONTACT US BY EMAIL BEFORE BUYING!

All current users of Elastique Pitch V2 are entitled to get a 25% discount on the current price of élastiqueAAX.

Users who bought Elastique Pitch V2 after Dec 1, 2016 can decide to swap to élastiqueAAX. They will get a 50% discount but will have to surrender the license for Elastique Pitch V2.
What are the differences between élastiqueAAX and Elastique Pitch?
Feature élastiqueAAX Elastique Pitch

supported plugin

AAX native

AAX native

time-stretching yes no
pitch-shifting yes yes
real-time no yes