ppmBatch News


What is ppmBatch?
ppmBatch is a batch processing tool for loudness analysis and normalization. It allows you to make your audio files compliant with various broadcasting standards.
Which loudness standards are supported?
At the current version ppmBatch supports the following standards:
  • EBU R 128 (2011)
  • EBU R 128 (2014)
  • ATSC A-85
  • ARIB TR-B32
  • FreeTV OP-59
  • ITU-R BS.1770-3
What audio formats are supported?

The following audio formats are supported as input:

  • wav (normal and broadcast wave format)
  • aif
  • mp3
  • ogg
  • wma (Windows only)
  • flac

The output file format is always uncompressed audio (wav format).

What video formats are supported?
ppmBatch can only process audio files.
Are multichannel files supported? 
Yes, multichannel wav as well as multi-mono files are detected.


What is EBU R.128 ?
The intention of this new recommendation is to adjust the level based on loudness and not on peaks. More info and several PDF documents can be found on their website : tech.ebu.ch/loudness/ or download the standard here: http://tech.ebu.ch/docs/r/r128.pdf
Is ppmBatch compliant to the EBU recommendation R.128?
Yes, it's fully compliant – including the absolute and relative gating according to the latest (August 2011) revision of the specification. Feel free to validate the standard compliance for yourself with the freely available EBU test files.